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Lead Trays

Despite the development of multi-leaf collimators, lead trays are still currently used.  It was natural for Arplay Medical to manufacture those lead trays, having developed and marketed accessory-holders since it was established.

The increasingly acute precision of the treatments requires that the lead trays all be identical and of unmatched non critisizable quality.  We perfectly know the particular characteristics pertaining to each service department.

Our constantly increasing production volumes enable us to offer you the most competitive prices.

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Bolusil® is a silicone bolus.  It is a material very similar to tissue, which is placed in contact with a region to be irradiated.  It corrects surface irregularities and gives the deep distribution of the radiation dose a structure which matches the parts of the anatomy to be protected or irradiated.

Its density is 1.05.

Bolusil® is placed between the skin and the source of radiation.

For more information, please download the PDF.

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