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About Arplay Medical

For more than 40 years Arplay Medical has been active in the field of radiation oncology, providing a wide range of solutions and product lines for radiotherapy, brachytherapy and radiation protection.  Arplay has a dedicated machine shop to build not only our own products but also to contract manufacture for others.

In 2004, Arplay Medical joined the American Company, Best Medical International, bringing with it a new and varied range of products, in particular quality assurance and in-vivo dosimetry products for radiotherapy and radiology applications.

Our goal is to work in close collaboration with the medical professionals so we can supply patients with a complete solution.

Introducing TeamBest®

Best Medical was founded in 1977 in Springfield, Virginia, USA.  Founder and president Krishnan Suthanthiran has been driven his entire life, letting nothing stand in his way of doing what he felt was necessary and right.  He took this energy and grew his company into a multinational one, employing hundreds of equally dedicated individuals.

This group is TeamBest®.  The team brings with it a diverse range of knowledge from around the world that ensures customers will always have a clear and accurate answer.  TeamBest® is driven by one primary goal - to provide the best products and services to customers.

Arplay Medical is the French component of TeamBest®.  We remain the manufacturer of Arplay radiotherapy, brachytherapy and radio protection products but have also become a European supplier of all products offered by TeamBest®.

We can provide all your needs under one purchase order for brachytherapy and external beam therapy (IMRT/IGRT).

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Quality & Inventiveness

Arplay is ISO 13485:2012 and ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Each product is rigorously checked during every production stage and before packaging and dispatching.  Traceability is part of our commitment to quality, as achieved for all invasive products.

Arplay Medical meets your specific needs through carefully studying your queries and proposing effective solutions.

Our main target is to contribute to a better quality in today's radiotherapy treatment, bringing exceptional solutions for more comfort & better accuracy through our experience and TeamBest's experience, our knowledge of the patients and mainly through our dialogs with the nursing team.

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